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The Creativity Crisis: What we can do as parents to help our child be successful through play and the arts

Before I was a parent, I considered myself to be not as creative as many other friends and family. I struggled with crafts and felt frustrated with the outcome of my artistic projects. I worried that I would pass along this clumsy-with-art-trait to my son, but also felt like well, being artistic and creative isn’t that important is it? Can’t I rely on teachers to help me teach these things? And isn’t my toddler just a little young to really get it?

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Helping Kids Prepare for Kindergarten

Do you remember being in Kindergarten? I do. I entered Kindergarten in the fall of 1974 and I can remember exactly what my teacher looked like. She had perfect 1970’s hair, super long, shiny, dark hair, parted down the middle. I adored her. My one memory of an actual day in her class was the day I made her cry. I really wanted to go outside and play with my best friend instead of being in class and I proclaimed out loud, “I hate Kindergarten” and, to my dismay, she burst into tears.

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