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Building an Asset-Rich Community for our Children

Think back to when you were a child. Can you think of an adult outside of your immediate family (not your parents or grandparents) who had a positive influence on your life? What are three things about that person that stood out to you?
I sat in a training session with my coworkers recently and we were asked to go through this exercise. Here are the things we said out these special people in our lives: authentic, real, consistent, vulnerable, relatable, willing to fight for me (literally), advocate, honest, they showed up, they were nonjudgmental,

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Mental Health Services Lacking for Local Children

I’ve heard two comments in the past week that are disturbing. One was from a local pediatrician who lamented that there was only one pediatric psychiatrist (a different level of training than a psychiatrist who treats adults) in WNC who accepts Medicaid, leaving many of the children in her care without quick access to the help they need.

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“The Talk”

”My child is too young to talk about that”

“I don’t know what to say”

“What if my child asks something I can’t answer?”

There are a lot of different reasons Parents hesitate to discuss puberty, relationships, and sexual health with their children. Kids trust and want to learn this information from parents. In fact, many wish their parents bring would up topics about relationships and sexual health with them more often. This is great news! Now where to start…Check out these 5 tips for tackling “The Talk”:

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