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Diapering and Handwashing (Stay Healthy, Stay Clean)

Diapering: Participants will learn when and how to check diapers, what kind of equipment is required for proper diapering, the correct steps of diapering and how proper diapering prevents the spread of germs. Participants will learn common sources of violations and issues to avoid.  


Handwashing: Participants will learn about infectious disease and how it is spread. They will be taught the consequences of inadequate handwashing, how to wash hands and assist children to wash hands and when adults and children must wash hands in child care. Participants will learn common sources of violations and issues to avoid. 


Presenter: Erin Wilson, Child Care Health Consultant


Credit: 2 hours


Questions contact: Jessica Johnson 828-698-0674 x 160

[email protected]


*Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the training event so there is ample time to complete the registration process and the training can begin promptly. Also, note that if you register for the training event and are unable to attend, you MUST contact CCR&R prior to the scheduled training event to cancel or you will be liable for the registration costs.

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