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Triple P Group

Level 4 Group Triple P is a broad-focused parenting support program provided to small groups of parents/caregivers (no more than 12 adults per session) with children (ages 3-12). ⁠It is designed for parents/caregivers who are interested in learning a variety of parenting skills that will promote their child’s development and potential, as well as for those who may have concerns about their child’s behavior, or who simply wish to prevent behavior problems from developing.

⁠Parents/caregivers need to be able to commit to all eight sessions.⁠
• Group Session 1: Positive parenting
⁠• Group Session 2: Helping children develop
⁠• Group Session 3: Managing misbehavior⁠
• Group Session 4: Planning ahead
⁠• Individual Sessions 5-7: Using positive parenting strategies
⁠• Group Session 8: Program close – maintaining changes and planning for the future

⁠To register: https://forms.gle/ofR6mefPHpDKSkHG7 or for more info: [email protected]

Lunch and childcare provided!