Preschoolers Reaching Educational
Potential (PREP)

Preschool Reaching Education Potential (PREP) prepares children for successful learning through early detection of developmental delays. Every year trained educators screen nearly 800 children.

PREP has two phases:

1. Screenings: A PREP educator screens your child in three key areas of development. These include:

  • Motor and Concept Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Vision and Hearing

Children with signs of delay for their age may be placed in our follow-up program. In some cases, parents may be directed to other community resources that will assist in preparing their child for school.

2. Follow-ups: After PREP has determined which developmental skills need to be addressed, they offer:

  • An individualized plan developed based on your child’s identified needs
  • A progress report every month to parents or guardians to help you monitor growth development
  • Re-testing your child after 4-6 months to measure their progress

PREP is completely free of charge for all children ages 3-5 and any child in Henderson County is eligible.

Program is partially funded by United Way of Henderson County and Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation

For more information,
please contact:

Latisha Miller
PREP Interventionist
(828) 698 – 0674 Ext. 162 [email protected]

Kristy Stepp
PREP Interventionist
(828) 698 – 0674 Ext. 163 [email protected]