CFRC Scholarship for Single Parents

This scholarship enables single parents to continue their education at a post-secondary level.  Awards of up to $2,500 are given to eligible applicants in order to pay for tuition, books or other needs in the pursuit of higher education. The scholarship may renewed up to 4 times, or until educational goals are met, so long as the recipient remains in good academic standing.

Scholarship Eligibility:
  • Funds are awarded to single parents who live in Henderson County, NC.
  • Proof of acceptance into a college, technical school or accredited vocational program.
  • Plan to enroll at a minimum of part-time student status (2+classes/semester).

Application Process:

  • Submit your complete application to [email protected]
    • application 
    • 2 letters of reference (from teachers, employers, community leaders).  Scholarship  committee members are not eligible to write letters of recommendation.
    • a copy of your most recent paystub and,
    • proof of acceptance/enrollment in a post-secondary institution

Scholarship Renewal Process:

  • Scholarships may be renewed on a yearly basis for recipients who are continuing their post-secondary education.  Scholarships may be renewed for any one individual up to 4 times.
  • Scholarship renewals are based on available funding and student academic standing.
  • Another application must be submitted, with a copy of your most recent grades, and current course schedule.
  • A renewal interview may be requested should the committee choose to re-interview the scholarship recipient.

Method of Payment:

  • All scholarship funds will be paid directly to the educational institution or service providers, not to the student.

Are you interested in sponsoring a CFRC Scholarship for Single Parents recipient?

Download a donation Sponsorship Form.

To submit your application or for more information please contact: Emily Balcken (828) 698-0674 ext. 143 or  [email protected]

Scholarship Committee Members:

Chair: Bart Salvaggio
Emily Balcken
Heather Boeke 
Sam Henry
Beth Ann Lehr
Pamela Peak

Judy Smith
Suzanna Waddell
Sarah Wilkins