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Blue Ridge Community College Directors Meeting-Apprenticeship Program

This event is an informational meeting designed for licensed child care facility directors not already participating in an apprenticship program with Blue Ridge Community College. If you have questions please reach out to Heather Erwin at 698-0674 ext 154.

A meal will be provided.

At Apprenticeship Blue Ridge, we collaborate with employers, community partners, and educational providers to identify and close gaps in knowledge, competencies, and skills to strengthen our community’s workforce.

Currently, Apprenticeship Blue Ridge provides thirteen apprenticeship pathways, serving over 250 apprentices to date. 109 apprentices are engaged in on-campus related instruction, while seventeen apprentices have completed their related instruction and are now fulfilling the required on-the-job training. Our programs have a retention rate of around 90%.

Our programs thrive due to their streamlined structure. Apprentices attend class one day a week, enabling them to spend most of their time working with their employers. They represent their employer in class, get paid for time in class, and seamlessly integrate their education with real-time on-the-job training.

Blue Ridge Community College has tapped into its existing strengths and experience with our Early Childhood Education program and created an apprenticeship program that combines these successes. The Early Childhood Education apprentices gain the necessary education and workexperience to become professionals in their field and have the support of not only their employer but also the college in their pursuit of becoming educated working professionals. Upon completion of the program, apprentices have the option to continue their education with Blue Ridge Community College and can gain their certificate in Early Childhood or their A.A.S degree.

Apprenticeship is a benefit to employers in building not only a talented workforce but a loyal one as well due to the educational investment the employers provide by paying wages for time at work as well as time in class. Apprentices clock in and out on campus just as they would at work and those timestamps are sent to the employers weekly for wage and hour purposes. Communication between the instructor, coordinator, and employer is consistent as we know that  apprenticeship cannot be successful without it.

In order to be an employer partner with a registered apprenticeship the employer must:

  • Employ apprentices full-time.
  • Pair apprentices with experienced mentors.
  • Train apprentices in all aspects of the occupation.
  • Offer a progressive wage scale that consists of at least one pay raise during the course of the apprenticeship program.
  • Have a desire to develop a skilled workforce.