Dreams for Her Children

Pam Iyana and lilyana

At age 16, Pam became pregnant and during her senior year of high school joined the Children & Family Resource Center’s Adolescent Parenting Program.  The guidance she received from her program coordinator and the support from the other young mother’s in the program helped her look beyond her obstacles and begin to dream about her future with her little girl, Iyana. In 2004, Pam Peak graduated from Hendersonville High School with a 3.7 GPA and received recognition as a NC Academic Scholar. That same year, Pam was also awarded the NC APP Graduation Conference Valedictorian Award for having the highest GPA out of 108 teens enrolled in Adolescent Parenting Programs throughout the state of NC. She had big dreams for her future.

After graduation, Pam pursued and received a certificate in Accounting from Blue Ridge Community College.  Today, she owns her own home and has a career that she loves.  Over the years, Pam has continued her education and will be graduating this May with her Associates Degree in Business Administration!  Iyana has thrived in school and is now in the 6th grade!  She is also big sister to Lilyana- a role she takes very seriously.

“Having a baby when I was fifteen didn’t mean I had to give up my dreams,” says Pam.  “It meant I had to work harder to achieve them.”

Pam’s drive and dreams for her future combined with the support she received in the Adolescent Parenting Program have given her the skills to be successful and provide a loving and nurturing environment for her daughters

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